Elevate Your Conversations – Open the Door to Successful Communication!

Conversational Intelligence® is a proven framework that takes the latest neuroscience research and translates it into simple, practical ways to build trust and deepen relationships, resulting in greater productivity. Communication skills are critical for everyone from managers and team leaders to parents and partners. We all mean well, but research done by Judith E. Glaser, author and founder of Conversational Intelligence®, shows that 9 out of 10 conversations miss the mark! When pressures escalate we default to interaction styles that lead to distrust and isolation.

Align Intent with Impact through Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ®)

It may seem as if conversations are just words strung together, but each interaction has the potential to trigger both positive and negative reactions. Cutting-edge research on the brain and its workings shows that neurochemicals act in our bodies to:

  • Raise or lower the level of trust we experience
  • Enhance or deplete our capacity to listen and understand
  • Build or break relationships
  • Foster greater collaboration and teamwork- or not!

Myth Alert! Conversational skills are not something you were born with; they can be taught! Watch this video for more information:


LEARN MORE: C-IQ® can be customized for your company, team, or partnership. Delivery modes include presentations, “play-shops” (hint: it’s not work!), and executive/leadership coaching.

Johanna Munson is one of the few certified coaches in Conversational Intelligence®. She spent a year under the direct tutelage of Judith E. Glaser and immersed herself in the materials and processes. Bringing this work to companies, organizations, and families is her passion!